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Korean War Phase I (Time Line) pt.2

June 25,1950: Invasion of South Korea by N.K.P.A.

June 27,1950: US Navy and Air force support South Korea (KMAG)

June 28,1950: US bombers attack North Korean troops on the Han river.

June 30,1950: Truman authorizes MacArthur to use ground forces.

July 1,1950: Task Force Smith arrives in Pusan (The men of Task Force Smith came from Japan and have not seen action recently or ever)

July 5,1950: Task Force Smith engages near Osan.

July 7,1950: UN recommends unified command.

July 8,1950: MacArthur becomes CINCVNC ( commands all of UN forces in the Koreas.

July 13,1950: General Walker in in command of US forces in Korea.

July 14,1950: All ROK (South Korean Army) put under MacArthur’s command.

July 20,1950: NKPA capture Taejon Dean.

July 29,1950: Walker issues “Stand or die” order (US forces were surrounded by NKPA with the ocean at their backs in Puson nearly losing the War).

Aug 2,1950: 1st Marines land in Puson.

Aug 4,1950: Puson perimeter is established.

Aug 7,1950: UN forces regroup and counter attack.

Aug 17,1950: NKPA attacks across Naktong River

Aug 29, 1950: British 29 Brigade arrives from Hong Kong.

Sep 3,1950 5th Marines launch a counter attack

10,000 NKPA casualties
172 Marines casualties

This is a photo of sergeant first class (SFC) loading an…

This is a photo of sergeant first class (SFC) loading an American propaganda leaflet bomb. It contained thousands of leaflets that offered a safe surrender the the UN coalition forces. This type of psychological war fair was used in other armed conflicts such as the Vietnam War. They could also be dropped out of a hatch of helicopter of airplane.