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Korean War Phase II (Time Line) pt.3

Sept. 15,1950: Inchon Landing (X Corps).

Sept. 18,1950: Kimpo Airfield captured.

Sept. 22,1950: 8th Army Breaks out of Puson (tip of south Korea).

Sept. 26,1950: Soeul was recaptured by south & coalition.

Sept. 27,1950: X Corps links up with 8th army.

Sept. 30,1950: Uijongbu captured (NKPA ceases to exist).

Oct. 1,1950: I Corps crosses 38th parallel.

Oct. 2,1950: Chou En Lai warns Chinese will intervene.

Oct. 4,1950: Mao decides to intervene.

Oct. 9, 1950: UN Forces Cross the 38th parallel  in the West.

Oct. 14,1950: CCP Starts infinity into SK.

Oct. 15,1950: Wake Island conference.

Oct. 19,1950: Pyongyang Captured.

Oct. 24,1950: MacArthor orders UN forces to attack Yalo.

Oct. 25,1950: 1st Chinese offensive hits ROK forces.

Oct. 26, 1950: X Corps Land on Wanson.

Nov. 1,1950: 1st encounter of CCF & 8th army.

Nov. 8,1950: CCF identify South of Chosin Reservoir.

Nov. 10,1950: CCF attacks 8th army & disappated.

Nov. 23,1950: Thanks GIVING MacArthor’s announcement.

Nov. 24,1950: 2nd CCF offensive

18 CCF Div. —-> 8th Army

12 CCF Div. —-> X Corps

A soldier of the 24th Infantry Division waits to board a plane…

A soldier of the 24th Infantry Division waits to board a plane bound for Korea in 1950.