Former enemies embrace for the cameras at a Biafran surrender ceremony at Owerri in January 1970. This photo is obviously posed for propaganda purposes, but – surprisingly for such a bitterly fought conflict – in the early post-war years the reconciliation promoted by Gen Gowon seems to have been generally successful, and few reprisals were reported. The Nigerian soldier (left) is wearing the liner from one of the NATO copies of the M1 helmet, and is armed with a Soviet AKM assault rifle. The Biafran, a member of Gen Effiong’s escort, wears one of the large number of locally made uniforms produced in ‘duck-hunter’ camouflage in the last year of the war, complete with a field cap with fold-up earflaps. (Peter Obe)

Photo and caption featured Osprey Men-at-Arms • 507 Modern African Wars (5) The Nigerian-Biafran War 1967-70 by Philip S. Jowett